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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

One Christmas, when I was about seven, I received a black velvet sparkle paint set from Santa, and I was soooooo happy. I was self-aware and totally felt, knew, and stored the moment of bliss in my mind as a peak life experience as I hugged my Christmas booty and poised with a head tilt for a photo. Even now, I can recall the feeling of the moment.

In elementary school in Detroit, I took music (my teacher was Mrs. White, a beautiful, sassy black woman; think Diana Ross), band (French horn), and all the art classes. My teenage years were spent writing poetry in my room by candlelight while staring out the window on a rainy night. I drew and created art which I hung on my part of the bedroom wall aka the top bunk view. I embroidered on my bell-bottom jeans. In high school, I took all the creative classes - drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry, sewing, creative writing, band, and orchestra.

I'm all about creativity. Always have been. It's my nature.

Being creative is pretty much like being a wizard, we bring images and ideas into existence. And now I have a place, a single-source, a hub to host my creative projects and ideas. Please join me and share my creative journey on

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