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Ms. Smart is an artist. She is always creating, snapping photos, is an avid social media poster, journals nightly, draws, loves to collage both old school and Photoshop, writes, designs, draws, creates abstract paintings, upcycles things to make art, sews sequins and beads on apparel, and likes making books.


Ms. Smart is a creative professional and the former Chief of Communications for L.A. County. She managed an in-house marketing and advertising agency with a team of designers and writers. Ms. Smart’s Mad Men career spans both the public and private sector with diverse experience in a variety of media. Available for consultation.


B.A. from the Center for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, Michigan.

©2018 by Ms. Smart    mssmartcreative.com   I created all this art. Thank you for visiting. Love. Peace. Vote. Be cool. Text me: 626.375.4959

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