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Something New

I love the new. It's so exciting. I love being in a new way, and having new thoughts and feelings. Boredom is my worse enemy. And the new, makes me feel alive.

In these stay-at-home times, we must rebalance continuously. We are bombarded with negativity and fear. Sigh. We haunt our own homes, clean, create, cook, sleep, Netflix... repeat. I encourage you to find ways to mix it up. Put the throw pillows from the sofa on the bed. Upcycle a piece of clothing. Create a new bubble bath formula. Make or enhance a protective mask. Don a costume for a Zoom meeting. Nap. Take a walk in the dark. Heed your intuition for a possible new direction.

When I make a "to do" list I often add a "new" bullet point. It reminds me to add something fresh into my mix. I wish you something new.

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