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Tarot Readings+

Gain Insight. See connections. Get new perspectives. Purchase a reading - 15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, or 60 mins. Select a topic for the psychic reading - money, love, ghosts, dreams, decision, home, relationships, or ask about what's next in your life. I'll tune into your energy, lay out tarot and oracle cards, then read what I see and the intuitive information I receive. I'll record the reading and send a link to you.

You get a deck of 50 unique inspirational, call-to-action cards, a descriptive booklet, annnnnd a free three-card psychic reading all for only $45 (includes shipping).

MAGIC PARTY: In-person party, meditation/talk/ritual, 3-card tarot reading for each guest, and cool metaphyscial gift bags.

Magic stuff. Love Spell Kit - it's a fun spell and helps you focus on bringing love into your life. City Juju bags - to bring Love and Money into your life. Good Luck Charms.


Testimonial: "Jeannine is highly gifted and talented. I highly recommend her when you are ready to level up your situation! Her focus, professional experience, and mature perspective cuts through to the root of the situation enabling you to see where changes and decisions need to be made. She is thorough, direct, and skilled. Very insightful and grounded. 10/10" - Anna H, Ventura, CA

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PAYMENT OPTION: You may purchase a reading directly with me and pay via Venmo: @Jeannine-Smart

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