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Staying Safely Home

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Okay, it's been over a year now since we've been staying safely at home. The process has morphed over the months.

In the beginning

I recall the "almost panic" at the grocery stores when we first went into lock-down. I'd be in line outside the store before they open, 6 AM or 7 AM. It wasn't quite panic but it was right up next to panic and felt increasingly intense as I moved through the aisles filing my cart, and looking at the empty shelves with awe. Sigh. I learned where to shop online for the other things I need since I have only frequented grocery stores and the post office for over a year. I found a cool business that requires membership but offers discounted prices, with healthy food options, Thrive, and I really like it.


I had a scramble for any type of mask that I may tucked away at home in a cabinet and surprisingly, found a few. I think I purchased them for spray painting. Then of course I ordered more masks online, basic, then fancy and a skull gater, then artist friend's masks, then made a few (vampire), then 5-layered masks, then... a hardcore mask with two side-filters. This last mask I purchased after enduring the major fires in Southern California. I was on alert for evacuation but it never came to that. Depending on which way the wind blew, my condo could be filled with smoke; stinging my eyes and smoke I could taste. So, I had my air cleaner on blast 24/7 in my bedroom and l kept all the doors inside my home closed, staying cloistered away in my bedroom for a few days. Rocked my diffuser with peppermint and eucalyptus oils to soothe my air passages.


I cooked more in this last year than I have in my entire life. One of the positive changes I made during this time was to explore healthy eating and improve my health by losing weight. Low carb. No sugar. Keto. Whole Food. 1,000 calories. YouTube is a wealth of knowledge. I became acquainted with cookbooks which had been shelved for a while. I also discovered kitchen devices that I had no recollection of purchasing; crock pot, juicer, wok, funnels, muffin pans, and some kinda miracle chopper. I learned to cook new things, like beans, meat, working with spicy spices, and lots of Keto friendly items. Thrive was a great source for my new Keto lifestyle; hello almond flour, coconut milk and oil, chia seeds, coconut flour, erythritol, flax seed flour, apple cider vinegar, avoo, no GMO anything, and all organic and free range. Major education. Major life improvements.


Sleep's been elusive. I would sleep for two hours and wake. Then, my new normal was to go to bed at 4 AM or wake up at 4 AM. I relaxed into it and comfortably floated in time, I still do. I tend to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep these however, those sleeping hours are not typically when other's are sleeping. I like to think I'm Batman and up watching out for the city at night and stuff. Vampire hours. I've tried all kinds of non-prescription sleeping aids, CBD, eye masks, oils, magnesium, hot baths, dim lights, sun lamp, no electronics, ASMR, book reading, and meditation. Last night, I went to sleep at 2:30 AM and woke at 6 AM. People, I'm just rolling with it.


This extrovert has slowed her roll. No travel or new adventures to be had. I created art, lots of art. I sewed a lot of things by hand. Painted. Combined things. Thought of and made creative packs (Joy Mail) for others (kids, teens, adults) to make art and have fun with. I used what I had at home, art supplies, beads, fabric, paper, and diverse canvases to art on. A lot of upcycling went down too. I love making art, it is intuitive to me and makes me really happy, so that's been cool.

I discovered free audio books from the Los Angeles library, which have been great companions as I go about my day/night. I've been rocking my Kindle in bed and the bath. I also read reggly books too.

Of course, Netflix's been on blast and I watched all the vampire shows and re-watched space series. Did all the Bond and Star Wars films in order.

I've gone through a lot of stuff in closets and cupboards, tossing, donating, and reorganizing. Man, I have a lot of stuff. I'd get on a roll, then get bored with it. I created new areas in my home to accommodate the things I do. My gallery wall has grown. I love art! My plants on my balcony are doing great as I am home to tend to them.

Used the Zoom and Skype platforms as social connections with friends and loved ones. Sessions sometimes a good excuse to dress up in costume, which I love. The monthly online Game Night has been fun. I attended weekly Zumba classes and meditation sessions. I socialized on FB and Instagram too. Daily Resistance Live broadcasts to keep up on the political tip. And have loved exploring the Masterclass learning series and highly recommend it. I have gone dark for days without any input from others, no online or phone, and I like it, it's freeing.


I've become healthier and lost weight. I've learned a lot about eating, politics, white privilege, anti-racism, the black experience, cooking, New Orleans and it's Indians, the old west, authors, filmmakers, designers, mixing up lounge wear like a pro, online shopping, new computer programs, and perfected my sweet ninja night moves while accessing the condo mailbox in secrecy.

What's next?

I have an appointment for a covid-19 vaccine. I'm cautiously looking forward to the next stage of this pandemic. I miss my son and his girlfriend, traveling, museums, gardens, and crowds of people. I miss going out for Mexican food and having margaritas. I've engaged my introvert self and am at peace with it. I've stayed happy and safe and healthy. I've journaled on and off during the year and find it a source of talking out loud which extroverts love to do. I've perfected overnight oats, chia pudding, keto muffins, and how to cook meat.

I kinda feel like I never really lived here before. My home had been more of a pit stop in my life, from working long hours or enjoying lots of travel. I have never spent this much time in my home, kinda weird, it's pretty cool here and I like it here. My giant balcony, facing the mountains, has been a welcome and safe nature reprieve. I'm a different person now from then when this began. Better listener. Considering others more. Pushing myself to make gains and be true myself even at home, alone. It's all good, I'm here, I'm happy, I'll continue to evolve as the world turns.

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