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WHAT'S ON MY MIND: YouTube & The New

I like the first of the months, kinda like the first of the year, new starts. I like new, scratch that, I LOVE the new. Here's what's currently on my mind:

  • healthy lifestyle actions

  • fun

  • earning money

  • tuning into my intuition

  • reading more

  • creative projects

  • my website

  • my plants

  • space

  • vampires

  • learning new things

  • connecting with others

  • New York

  • fashion

  • balancing money to do what I want

  • offering custom card packages for the holidays

  • how to help others

  • being a positive force to help turn our country around (vote blue!)

  • being aware of who I currently am

  • loving life and living out loud

  • and, starting a YouTube channel and all that entails...


So, the YouTube thing is something new to me. There are many thoughts running through my head about it, such as, what to call the channel, learning video techniques both visual and audio, editing, content, ease of producing and posting, and what I hope to get out of it.

I'm planning my content to be topical and be all over the place, which is to say, not a single topic. I'll include my travel adventures. I'll share things I'm thinking about. I have a lot of Ms. Smart's True Stories to "preform." I will show my creative projects in progress and the final results, discussing concepts and decisions. Probably through in reviews for books, films, Netflix shows. I could have a fashion segment. Things I learned as a corporate creative in a government environment. Might do interviews with interesting people. Definitely chat about my vampire experiences and story. I'll be talking about cities too.


When I was a corporate creative in a government environment, I participated in the Mentoring program for 15 years. I loved it. The program used Meyers Briggs type indicator as a learning source for self-awareness and working with others. It was such an honor to be trusted by the Mentees, listen to their concerns and desires, have engaging conversations, and help them formulate a plan to succeed and fulfill their goals, while offering encouragement and support. The relationship's developed were something between a work colleague and a friendship. It was a really cool experience. We took our time to open up and trust each other then were able to go-deep into issues quickly. Several of these relationships endure to his day.

My previous Mentees would pop by my office from time to time to vent, rant, or discuss how to best manage new situations. I had an auditor, now in a new management position, who shared the pressure of the new job and how things needed to be managed "now" and in the moment, the emergencies that came up, rerouting projects, the unexpected, meeting deadlines, keeping up, and not having time to evaluate and pondered the proper path to take. The tasks and the person they needed to be were entirely different from their previous career as an auditor.

I had an insightful moment, previously their work was "after the fact" and time was allowed to diligently review if company policies were adhered to and if outcomes were generated as expected. There was time to measure the process and consider improvements, add tech options, or see if training could improve the process or end results. And now, they were required to be in the moment, trust their own judgement, meet deadlines, and make decisions as they came up. Their new management position was mostly about "the new," the "before the fact," and the creation of a thing. Script flipped. Previously, her tasks were after the thing (task, product, service) was released into the world and now she was in the position of being responsible for things that occur before the point of completion. This is a huge change in mode and speed of working. We enjoyed a healthy conversation about the position and the responsibilities about "the before," "the thing," and "the after."

Me, I'm all about "before the thing," the creation, the concept, the why, the vision, the connectedness, and the possibilities. I find the new, exciting and stimulating, and love the buzz of a deadline, and getting shit done. Where do you fall on the "before" or "after" spectrum?

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