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Mailings & Marketing

Would you like to send customers or loved ones a custom mailing for the holidays? I can create art cards or mini-packs for you. Let's talk. Stand out with creative personalized mailings. 



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I can help you and your business succeed with my 20+ years of marketing and advertising experience.

  • Branding packages: Logo, Taglines, Social Media,

       Graphics, Images, and Signage

  • Mailings: Create targeted mailings and/or giveaways

  • Presentations: Work with your content create a presentation, rehearse speakers, and develop a conference with collateral materials, interactive games, and signage. I am also skilled at hosting.

  • Marketing & Advertising Material Review: I can review your existing materials and offer suggestions.

  • Creative Ideas: Brainstorm with you to create something new and expand your marketing reach or introduce a new product or service.

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Interested in help for your business? Please connect, or text 626.375.4959.

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