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"Everyone keeps asking me if I'm back and yeah, I'm thinking I'm back." - John Wick

I was being. I was living my best life, still am. I backed off my website for a minute. Back!

In May, I went to DC for a vacation and soaked up all the great museums. It rained every single day while I was there. My waterproof shoes rocked! My umbrella ruled as well. However, that tricky DC rain slams ya sideways. My middle bits got soaked. Loved the National Portrait Gallery and experiencing Kehinde Wiley's powerful Barack Obama's portrait was invigorating. Yes!

"DC is full of secrets."

I went to the desert (Palm Springs) and chilled. Fire energy. Hotel room temp set at "meat locker." I did one of my favorite things and floated in the hot mineral springs pools while gazing up at the night sky. So dreamy. Ahhhh.

I've been arting as well. Always creating.

New: Vampire Story (VS) told via Instagram posts. Check it, #mssmartvs. Photos and words. I'm also creating a VS map. Toying with the idea of giving it as a tour with book and map. Possibly start tour with a cocktail. I love ideas.

New: A kind friend gifted me mini canvases. I created a Good Juju series of art with Skulls and positive vibes. I took the traditional product shots annnndddddd I had a mad fun photo shoot from 11:30 PM - 1:30 AM. Oh, yeah! I'll be adding these to my website soon.

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