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Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Yesterday, I spent time with a friend in a zen garden talking. We sat on a bench and my black uv protected umbrella shaded us from the sun. This was a simple moment in life. I love these moments. Peak life moments when the conversation flows like warm honey and the eyes take in the surroundings without judgement. My peripheral vision took in the slow parade of beautiful people strolling past with the occasional demanding detail of say, the glimmer of a pleated mettalic skirt which stirred a wanting, or a sparkly unicorn on a happy child’s shirt. We easily exchanged ideas, feelings, knowledge, and experiences. We extroverts hovered in our own private bubble.

While in the gardens, I introduced her to a cool sound experience, the sound of NASA’s satellites as they pass overhead a metal shell-shaped environment. The sounds are eerie and cool with an overall meditative vibe. (I attempted to add the video here... I’ll take another route. It can be found on my Instagram page)

Enjoy your life. Recognize your peak moments and allow them to sink in deeply.

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