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Sophia Roe

Chef, TV Host, Brooklyn-based, Gen Z

Painting: Acrylic
Size: 28" x 22"
Print available

Bookmark available

21 Powerful Living Women: Sophia Roe

  • Chef, TV Host, Brooklyn-based, Gen Z
    Sophia is a James Beard Award-winning chef, writer, founder of Apartment Miso, and TV host known for her honesty, diversity, and inclusivity. Sophia is an artist and her creative medium is food which she prepares with science and intuitive senses birthing beautiful deliciousness. Her style is fresh, fun, colorful, sensual, playful, beautiful, and consciously aware. She is a former foster-care kid and has made her way to success in life and as a Chef. She keeps it real and has a great Instagram account, I am Sophia Roe. She has cool hair, is a total badass, and loves mushrooms.
    Highlights: YouTube video series: Eat The Rainbow. Emmy-nominated TV Show: Counter Space.

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