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Art: Acrylic paint on canvas

Size: Each canvas is 4' x 3' and 1 1/2" thick, and together the set of paintings commands a glorious color statement of eight feet wide
Bonus: The sides of the canvas are painted; no need for a frame



Things Change

  • These two paintings were created to be together; bonded. This art feels good; it's in motion, the colors flow from one panel to the other. The colors are both bright and subtle. There is a lot of good juju to experience here. This art is dreamy and beautiful. This art gently commands your attention. It feels like things are changing heading in your next, best direction.

    Left panel: Subtle swirls in cool hues of purple, blues, and greens. A taste of dark leopard. A little bit of go inside and reconnect with yourself. Chill, hip, and introverted.

    Right panel: Vibrant energy in warm hues of red-violet, red, orange and yellows. Life bubbles up with new ideas and fun connections. There are a lot of good options. Bright, happy, and extroverted.

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