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Art: Acrylic paint on canvas

Size: Each canvas is 18" x 24" and 1 1/2" thick, and together the set of paintings commands a glorious color statement of four feet tall
Bonus: The sides of the canvas are painted; no need for a frame. Though if you'd like to get this framed, I recommend a silver metallic, rough wood surface frame which encases both paintings.



The New: Flowing & Exploding

  • These two paintings were created to be together; stacked one upon the other. The overall vibe is flowing. Sometimes we push and plan our lives, and other times we release and flow. This set of paintings feels like easy, pleasant movement with pops of excitement and surprises. This art is good to live with, a lovely reminder to stop, reflect and flow with life.

    A dream: I dreamt of art painted with vibrant colors and depicting a soft emotional flow. The paintings were stacked together and encased in a rough-wood mercury-colored frame. I painted the dream. I am not able to build the frame. 

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