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Stacks: Painted canvas on top of painted canvas

Size: 16" x 20" canvas base with 11" x 14" canvas sewn on top

Art: Acrylic paint, sewn sequins and beads, and pompom on canvas

FYI: Paint wraps around the edge of the canvas

Shipping: Free

Stacks: 21

  • Creative ideas are fun to have. I believe creativity is magic; therefore artists are wizards, okay? Once upon a time, I was tidying up after a night of making art and stacked one painted canvas on top of another, and voilà, the concept of "Stacks" was invented. I painted designs on two canvases of different sizes, sewed a pompom and sequins on the top canvas, then, sewed the canvases together. They are colorful and fun pieces of art.

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