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Upcycled Art: I detached the canvas cloth from a stretched canvas frame (and sewed it on bags) which left a wood frame where the canvas had previously been. I painted the frame a vibrant color and stretched striped fabric from a dress on the backside of the frame.

Art: Mixed media consisting of acrylic paint, and hand sewn glass beads, sequins, and pom poms on upcycled striped fabric.
Size: 11" x 14" and 1/2" thick

Free shipping, y'all

Orange Loop w/beaded detours

  • Upcycled frame and fabric sets the stage for elegant glass beading in an ombre flow from iridescent dark blue - red - bright orange - yellow and back to orange, dig? Variety of beads and pom poms. Green ombre too, from minty cool - green - dark green. Really beautiful. Nice dichotomy.

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