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A envelope filled with creative potential. Oh, yeah. Most of the things you need to create the projects are included or are basic things you have around the house. TIP: Read the greeting card first. Get creative. Make the art. Tell the story. Enjoy the fun. And share your creations on Facebook: Ms. Smart Art. (Price includes postage.)


FYI: If you'd like to send this as a gift, I can add a note on the envelope that it is a special gift from you.  

Joy Mail: Teens

  • An invitation to create.
    I've divided up the Joy Mail packs into three categories:

    • Kids (Age 3 - 11)
    • Teens (Age 12 - 17)
    • Adults

    The packs are fun, and your teens will use their creative thinking, artistic, and storytelling skills. There are three projects, a greetign card, stickers, art money, and a few bonus items for your teens to create their magic. Being creative is a great way to self-express. And, with home-schooling and staying at home, we all could use a positive distraction.

    Once the masterpieces are complete, you are welcome to post them online for others to see on Facebook: Ms. Smart Art.

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