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Candy and Elmer were quite the Jurassic dinosaur power couple. Well, Candy technically wasn't a dinosaur but more of a marine reptile with an appetite for the luxe life and husbands, she had four of them; a flying Quetzalcoatlus, a T-Rex, and a big boy Argentinosaurus who weighed in at 200,000+ lbs. and was 100 ft. long, and good ole Elmer. Elmer didn't mind her past entanglements because he knew it was true love between them. He was a BBQ wizard, a bit of a booze hound, and threw the best parties. As a couple, they were woke, and any dino who was any dino was at their soirées. Who's ready for a ginkgoes martini?

Dinorama: Candy & Elmer

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