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I upcycle things and materials in my art. Being part crow, caw caw, I’m a sucker for shiny things. So when I come across shiny wrappers and sparkly papers, I like to reuse them in my art. As I put away Christmas and birthday gifts I’ve discovered some gems which I will use on future creations.

These be the remains of a gift box dismantled for art parts.

A perfume and lotion gift set had the most delicious packaging of sparkly paper wrapped around pre-cut pieces of corrugated cardstock, annnddd a plastic envelope filled with gold metallic stars that move around freely. Exciting creative potential! I cut out stars from the paper.


Of course, collage is all about recycling and upcycling materials. It’s fun to create from different sources and bring new art into fruition. I love paper, magazines, packaging, maps, books, brochures... check out my collages here.

Upcycling fashion

Here is a new jacket which I sewed a vintage pillow cover on the back of it. I also cut up a leopard coat and sewed that across the top. There are also some fun big blue pom poms circling the collar. See my fashions both jackets and hats.

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