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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Each December I review my year, noting my accomplishments, adventures, fun moments, the main characters, the new experiences, take stock of what I've learned, and acknowledge the changes I've made. I take all those thoughts and pare them down to a single word which describes my entire year. (I'll write about my word for 2018 in another blog post.) I also set goals for the coming year. One of my 2018 goals was to build a website to host my art and creativity...

People, friends, loved ones, welcome to my website. I've been busy, and my inaugural release features 140 pieces of my art. I'm switching the balance on the Creative Marketing/Advertising Professional and Artist parts of my life. The 65-hour corporate creative weeks are a thing of the past. Working for the man had its benefits; however, I am next leveling as the Artist.* is my very first website. I designed the architecture, built the site, wrote the copy, created the graphics, took, resized, and posted the photos, anddddd wrestled the web program into submission. I use to run an ad agency where I came up with creative ideas and had professionals to write, design graphics, take photos, and build the websites. This round, I had to do it all my self which was a good reminder of the time and details required to produce a finished product. (Salute and mad love to the pro creatives out there.)

This website is my new business. I'll do both, move boldly forward, and stop and hermit as I gather my thoughts and feelings for my next move. You're invited to journey with me as I change, grow, and succeed. So there you have it, my art, my life energy, my self-expression, and creations. Bam!

*I am available for creative marketing/advertising projects in L.A., Detroit, and Oakland. #newbusiness #marketing #creativeideas #artist #2018goal #goals #first #professional #mssmartcreative

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