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Updated: Feb 17, 2019


The concept of Ray and Charles Eames “Think” sparked a flame in me.


Over the 2018 holidays, I visited my son and his GF in Oakland, California. As part of our trip, we ventured over to the always interesting Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) to visit The World of Charles and Ray Eames exhibit. It was such a fun experience with so much to take in, learn, see, touch, sit on, and even spin on. It was a way cool scene. The curation was dreamy, inactive, and organically flowed from room to room, which is the high standard I have come to expect from OMCA. The art was refined and beautiful, and the form solid. Finished Eames products were on display alongside the “making of” videos and various mock-ups in a variety of materials. The Eames’ vision was broad and their principals instilled in each piece of art, project, and product. They were such an impressive duo.

Sitting in an Eames Lounge chair watching an Eames video, okay?


I loved and enjoyed the entire exhibit however the concept of “Think” (created for the IBM Pavilion at the 1964 World's Fair,) was my jam. What a cool experience and such a great concept; seven monitors with varying images all on a similar theme cycling to tell a story. I loved, agreed, and resonated with the idea of it. Yes, this is how we learn, visually, with a bit of this and a bit of that and our minds work to put it all together. The audience is actively learning, engaged, and the intended message gets through.


Okay, I had just met my 2018 goal of completing a website for my new business which features my artwork and Creative Services.* I wanted to make this section interesting and created a PowerPoint of sorts to display my experience in marketing and advertising. The Creative Services page and corresponding PowerPoint hit all the relevant points I wanted to make. However, a reoccurring feeling kept tapping at me that it needed something more.


I absorbed the exhibition, took a bunch of photos, spun the tops, read the write-ups, did all the things, annnndddddd sat in an Eames lounge chair while watching an Eames multi-screen video. I had a great time there. We discussed our favorite parts of the exhibit as we walked on to our next destination. I shared how the “Think” concept rang true with me that it was creatively inspiring, and that I thought I could use it on my website. I did.


Once I returned to Pasadena, I went into the Creative Services section of my website and built my version of “Think” to tell my marketing and advertising experience story. I titled it Secret Showcase.** I used five screens and timed the images to tell a story. I worked within the limitations of the web program and felt it came out pretty cool. I’m happy with the outcome. I feel a deeper connection to the Eames for having delved into their vibe and been inspired to develop my take on it. Thank you.

*I previously ran an in-house advertising agency for L.A. County and the website, is my next-level career move, a business selling my art and select creative marketing and advertising services.

**On a desktop or laptop, go to, Creative Services, then Secret Showcase, and BAM.

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