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Updated: Jan 10, 2019


I’m a big fan of acknowledging achievements. So often in life, we push, do, go without stopping to recognize our gains. Stop and take a moment and think about what you learned, how you grew, and the goal you reached. You rocked that thing. You stayed the course and did what it took to complete your task or project. That’s good living, that’s pure happiness, you leveled up. Leveling up is good.

My Experience

I recall my team and I hustling hard and tending to all the details to complete a project, which we did, and it was a smash hit. Later, I gave a presentation to the Board on the project touting its success, audience’s positive feedback, and the collaborative efforts of all the presenters, creative team, and the people behind the scene. I was feeling good and returned to my office to a bunch of emails requesting more work and a pile of work in my inbox to be reviewed. I just sat there. It hit me, good work is rewarded with more work and more deadlines, and no one is going to thank me and tell me I did a good job. Sigh. I took a few moments to acknowledge my gains and gazed out the window at the trees and clouds as I felt good about my efforts and knew I did my best. I may have even taken a lunch break.


If I see or hear of your accomplishments, I’m gonna give you a shout out and congratulate you. Do this for yourself and others. Let’s raise each other. Pretty much, you are not going to get this pat on the back from your boss or employer, so make sure to take a moment to acknowledge your gain. Linger in some positive thoughts and maybe do something nice for you, a small reward. At the very least give yourself a thumbs-up, a heartfelt fist raise, or shout out a “hell, yeah!”

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